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Quality Focus

Emphasizing precision and quality in your work; Avoiding mistakes and errors

It’s very easy to adopt a “just get it done” approach to your work. We don’t always see how one assignment, project, or test connects to what’s next. But in college, this is often the case. Not just getting a good grade, but learning is vital to not the classes you’re in now, but future semesters.

Have high standards for your work. You're a good student and you want your work to reflect that. There are ways to do this at each point of an assignment, project, or exam. Make sure you know what’s expected when you start (e.g., read the directions!), try to maintain your focus throughout, and - perhaps most importantly - when you’re done, go back and check your work. If you can build this habit now, it’s something that will help you throughout your college career and beyond.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

Henry Ford

How can I improve my Quality Focus?

Strategies to Use

  • For any assignment you have, make sure you know what’s expected. Read and re-read the directions. If you’re unsure, ask your instructor for more information. 

  • As you work on something, continue to go back to those expectations and ask yourself, “Is this meeting this assignment?”

  • When you’re done, double-check your work. This can be tough. After putting in a lot of effort, you might feel compelled to just “get it done” and submit the work. But sometimes, we get so focused, we miss a critical mistake. Try to take a breath and do one last review.

  • To that end, if it’s allowed, have someone else take a read-through.


Resources at Albany State

  • Academic Support Services: Supplies Learning Centers that are located on both the East and West campuses. The primary purpose of the Centers is to promote student achievement, retention, and graduation by assisting students in enhancing their reading, writing, critical thinking, and lower and upper-level math skills in core and content area courses and helping them achieve college success and, ultimately, graduation.

  • “Stay Ready Workshops”: Student Success at ASU provides an array of workshops throughout the semester on various topics critical to success in the classroom. 

  • Academic Affairs: Provides support to assist administrators, staff, faculty, and students to realize their academic goals in pursuit of high academic achievement. The Office of Academic Affairs at Albany State University oversees services related to the teaching, learning, and research activities on campus.

Online Resources

  • Consider using a proofing tool, such as Grammarly, to help review your work.​

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