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Maintaining effort in spite of challenges

College is not going to be easy. There will likely be many times when a course challenges you with concepts you’ve never encountered before. Managing a schedule that could include courses, work, and lots of other things will be a significant challenge. This is completely ok! Every student deals with these issues at one point or another.

What is vitally important is how you respond in those situations. Maintaining your effort and commitment to your goals will be an immense help, as will other factors discussed on this assessment (such as reaching out for help). While there are many resources that can help you in these difficult times, what’s most important is that you keep pushing forward toward your goals.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. 
The most certain way to succeed is to always try just one more time. 

Thomas Edison

How can I improve my Persistence?

Resources at Albany State

  • The Office of Student Engagement: The center of your college experience. Let us help you get the most out of your time at Albany State University through campus activities, student organizations, special events and programs, leadership development and other student success resources.​

  • Student Success: Our Student Success initiatives at Albany State are designed to help you connect with the right campus resources to help you succeed academically and socially. 

    • Effective transition programs that help incoming Rams fully acclimate to the ASU experience;

    • Training and development throughout the semester for students to become self-regulated learners;

    • Individualized assistance with study strategies, time management, and balancing college life; and

    • Opportunities for students to develop into strong student leaders by expanding their academic networks, connecting them with appropriate campus resources, and helping them craft their own leadership identity.

  • Academic Support Services: Supplies Learning Centers that are located on both the East and West campuses. The primary purpose of the Centers is to promote student achievement, retention, and graduation by assisting students in enhancing their reading, writing, critical thinking, and lower and upper-level math skills in core and content area courses and helping them achieve college success and, ultimately, graduation.

  • Academic Advising:  A major component of completing your education at Albany State and graduating on time is academic advising. The Advising Center is here to make sure you achieve your goals through continuous academic advising.

  • Career Services:  Available to all Albany State University students, from freshman to graduate students, as well as alumni. We provide you with tools and resources needed to help you succeed during the career development process. The key to a successful job search begins with early planning.

  • “Stay Ready Workshops”:  Student Success at ASU provides an array of workshops throughout the semester on various topics critical to success in the classroom. 

  • “Individual Success Consultations”: (ISC) provide opportunities for students to develop critical college life skills in a nurturing, one-on-one environment. Students can meet regularly with student success staff to help them work through barriers and stay on track during the first year.

  • “ASU Turn Academy”: An opportunity for students to meet in small groups to discuss challenges they are having during the semester, learn specific strategies to help them in the classroom, and learn how to take ownership of their educational experience.

Online Resources

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